Auchinleck A-frame Anthology

Poem-labels written along the route of the via sacra, and photographed by the Barony A-frame.
poverty needs to plan
daisies make a chain
a tear in the curtain
provides the meanest of glimpses
behind the veil
that those of the decent
miners of the Barony
suffer behind
shafts of sun
are a scintillating rarity
all the great world in a library
the alphabet of trees
the lexicon of love –
both Boswellian bounty
Colliery colossus bestrides
Silenced black diamond
Darkness and death below
Now children play and
Birds sing in the light
Ayrshire me ravit
Boswell m’enchante
et mes nouveaux amis
├ęcossais ├ęclairent ma voie
a view of the summit
looking up from the green
Magnificent A-Frame
Heroic labours remembered

Lines in lower case italics are by Alec Finlay; line in upper case italics by Horace; other lines by the poet-walkers above; photos by Ken Cockburn.

19 May 2013